Based on its advisory role, the Industry and Mining Commission of the Kerman Chamber is ready to provide advice to investment applicants and economic activists in the province with the cooperation of respected managers in the fields of industry and mining. Therefore, applicants can contact the Secretariat of the Commission (Mr. Nazari Zadeh) at 32475644-32471875 to receive advice in the desired fields according to the attached list.

Specialized advice of the Industry and Mining Commission of the Kerman Chamber to the economic activists of the province

RowName and surnameCompany NameField of advising
 1  Chemical industry – Agrochem
 2  Power, oil, gas, and refinery industries
 3  Marketing, business strategy, and branding
 4  Presenting exploratory and mineral plans, preparing geological and geochemical maps in different scales, preparing hazard maps of high-risk areas, and preparing basic information in the field of earth sciences and mineral-exploratory justification plans
 5  Industry and business unit monitoring, analysis, pathology, and providing a roadmap to improve performance
 6  Polymer industry, and production of polymer raw materials and polymer products
 7  Mining affairs, and Mining industries
 8  Resource management, and target market of steel structures
 9  Mine exploration, mineralogy, gemology, gem cutting, tourism, and home-based employment
 10  Electronics
 11  Interaction between industry and academia
 12  Investing in industrial towns and areas of the province, and investing in the business clusters of the province
 13  Plans and operations (monitoring, implementation, and design)
 14  Business and its development, and organizational analysis
 15  Chemical industries related to their field of work
 16  Machine building, and wire and cable production line
 17  Exploration and extraction
 18  Extraction, design, and monitoring of underground mines
 19  Production and extraction of construction stones
 20  Construction stone mines, and processing
 21  Processing industries
 22  Manufacture of electrical machines and devices
 23  Metallurgy, rubber, machining, welding, and assembly