Documents required for membership

All of the natural and legal entities in Iran who are engaged in commercial, industrial, mining, agriculture and services, and services related to this type of activities, can become members of chambers of commerce, industry, mines, and agriculture by completing the membership form, observing the conditions, and providing the required documents.

A. Natural entities

  1. Having at least 20 years;
  2. Copy of all page od birth certificate and national ID card;
  3. Having at least a diploma;

Note. Holders of membership cards are exempted from the provisions of paragraph 3 when renewing.

  1. Having a license for production, distribution, agriculture and services, related services, and other activities that have been introduced as employment by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance. Also, presenting a letter of introduction from science and technology parks and incubators or a certificate of registration in the commercial office of the relevant field will be the criteria of action;
  2. Signing a letter of commitment in the registration system;
  3. Payment of entrance fee and annual membership fee;

B. Legal entities

  1. Copy of all pages of birth certificate and national ID card of the CEO;
  2. A legal entity managing director must meet the conditions outlined in paragraphs 1, 3, and 4 below paragraph a and sign the letter of commitment included in a clause of paragraph 5 on behalf of the legal entity;
  3. Providing a copy of the articles of association, the official announcement of the establishment, the official announcement of the latest changes in the articles of association and the directors, and the announcement of its subsequent changes to the relevant chamber;
  4. Payment of entrance fee and annual membership fee;

Note 1. The membership card of legal entities is issued in the name of the legal entity, the name of the CEO as its representative is inserted on the membership card, and his photo will be attached.

Note 2. Membership documents of foreign nationals:

A. Foreign natural entities: Copy of passport and photo of residence permit;

B. Foreign legal entities: passport and permission to register a branch, agency, or company.

Note 3. For all entities, both natural and legal, the entry fee is received only in the first year of membership, and the membership of the holder of the card will only pay the membership fee in the following years to renew the card. The amount of entry and membership fees is approved by the Board of Representatives of the Iran Chamber every year upon the proposal of the Board of Directors of the Iran Chamber and will be announced for implementation.

Note 4. Full-time employees, employees of government ministries and agencies, the armed forces, and the three branches cannot be members of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mining, and Agriculture. If the employment relationship is discovered or created after the issuance of the membership card, the issued membership card will be canceled.

Membership rules

  1. No natural or legal entity can have more than one membership card, except in cases where the natural person, in addition to receiving a membership card for him/herself, joins the Chamber as a representative of a legal entity;
  2. The validity period of the membership card is at least 1 and at most 5 years and subject to the payment of the membership fee, initially for the requested period and can be extended at the request of the member and the continuation of the membership conditions according to the application of the membership applicant;
  3. If the membership of the holders of the card not renewing their membership after the expiration of the validity period, within a maximum of 2 years from the expiration date, they must go through all the steps of issuing the membership card again.

The date of issue of the new card will be the origin for the validity of the membership card, and the applicant must pay the entrance fee in addition to the continuous membership fee.

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